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Provider Relations Team

The Provider Relations team is dedicated to identifying and developing relationships with the world’s best healthcare providers.

All of our staff are multi-lingual, internationally-experienced, university-educated, and dedicated to supporting and enhancing your relationship with us.

Questions about...

  • ...your Direct Billing Agreement with GeoBlue
  • ...using the Provider Portal
  • ...the contact information we have for you


Questions about...

  • ...a recent payment
  • ...a missing payment
  • invoice you submitted
  • the banking information we have for you


International Network and Research

Greg Cain, Director of Global Networks
Languages: English

Jessica McIvor, Business Analyst
Languages: English, Spanish

Karlie Ricci Giedymin, Quality and Project Manager
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Provider Relations

Carla Renner, Supervisor
Languages: English, German

Esther Garcia de Yebenes
Languages: English, Spanish

Anna Swartz
Languages: English, German, French

Flavia Sztubinski
Languages: English, Portuguese

Grace Gu
Languages: English, Mandarin

Conor Kennedy
Languages: English, Spanish

Jeannie Boulangé
Languages: English, French

Rosailin Carter
Languages: English, Spanish

Provider Finance

Diana Mihalachi
Languages: English, Romanian, Russian

Lauren Verdure
Languages: English, French, Dutch

Abigail Houston
Languages: English, Spanish